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Financial Management

Does this ring any bells for your Business?:
  • Do you know your financial position at all times?
  • Are you confident in your financial reports?
  • Do you need to improve your bookkeeping?
  • Are you too afraid to call your Accountant because of the expense?
  • Could you outsource work to an on-call Financial Controller?
  • Do you dream of a well-run business that delivers timely & relevant reports on a regular basis?
  • Do you scramble every three months to pay GST?
Is your Business at the cross-roads?
  • Have you thought of selling your business? Do you have an exit strategy?
  • Are you thinking of setting up a new business?
  • Do you need better financial systems or more cash to run your business?
If you are starting a business, looking to take your business to the next stage or just facing daily financial challenges, you need timely information, accurate reports and sound business advice It makes sense to outsource some of these tasks to people with the right skills.

A business can provide enormous leverage if it has good systems and good people.
Business Catapult can help you produce Management Reports on a regular basis, enabling you to monitor the progress of your business against budgets and other goals or targets.
In today’s fast moving marketplace this may be ongoing information or measuring the success of a promotion or marketing campaign. This ranges from simple sales analysis to a full set of accounts, but in order to be beneficial it must be relevant and produced at the right time to enable you to make informed decisions.

We can assist you in deciding what information should be produced and when. We can either produce the information for you or set up a system for your business to ensure that your information is available to you whenever you want it.

Business Catapult can help you take financial control of your business:
  • Controlling and recovering Debtors in a timely manner
  • Cash flow management and cash flow forecasting
  • Enable the financial reports to be a monthly management reporting tool that helps managers make decisions, rather than a once a year trip to the Accountant
  • Negotiation of Creditor payment plans
  • Implementation of Key Performance Indicators

"Know your expenses, line by line"
Tim Breden
Business Catapult

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